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Your luxury lifestyle

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Your mobility options have been upgraded thanks to your building's exclusive carsharing amenity: Tesla Share. Experience the most advanced, luxury electric vehicle on the road, along with all the perks that make Tesla Share as convenient as driving gets.

  • Prime Reserved Parking: No need to go out for a car when they are stationed conveniently in your building's garage.

  • Free Dedicated Charging:  In-house chargers keep the cars with plenty of battery life to get you going.

  • Insurance & Maintenance: Members are covered once approved to drive. All maintenance is handled by WhipEV operations; notify us of an issue and our team will take action to resolve it!

  • Washed & Sanitized Weekly: We have regularly scheduled cleanings for the cars and only require drivers to remove their own trash and belongings at the trips' end.

Have you had a chance to enjoy the Teslas in your building? You are more likely to secure the times you want if you book at least 24 hours in advance! Check for the next time you can experience your exclusive amenity.

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