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Tesla share makes roadtrips easy

  • Charging Is Fast & Free: Charging at Tesla Superchargers is included in our rate, and there are tons of stations all over the country! Our Model Ys have a 325 mile range. You may have to stop a little more than on a gas car, but most Superchargers add 150-200 miles of range in as little as 10 minutes. And you don't need to stand by the car like you would at a gas station. Just plug it in and enjoy a break. 

  • Flat Daily Rate:  Did you know you can rent the Teslas for a full day for only $220? Since this is a standard amenity where you live, there's no surge/holiday pricing either! 

  • Fun Features Make Time Fly: During your Supercharging session, enjoy Tesla's built in games, music, "car-aoke," and streaming services to keep you entertained for the short stop on your trip!

Are the Teslas in your building available for you future roadtrip dates? Click below to lock in your desired travel time! If it's not available, email us at so we can try to accomodate your travel needs!

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