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The Amenity That Takes You Places

Enjoy luxury mobility without the headache of car ownership now with TeslaShare in your building, exclusively available to residents.

Download the app. Reserve your car. Start driving.

Save On Car Ownership While Saving The Environment

We’re empowering smart economics through convenient EV sharing that saves you time and money on unnecessary car maintenance, repair, and liability.

What’s Included:

  • Insurance coverage

  • Maintenance

  • Weekly professional detailing

  • Free access to dedicated chargers in your building

  • Free charging at Tesla Superchargers on the road

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"I had a great experience with my family. I had my first experience operating an electric vehicle and enjoyed every second of it. I own a car which is often driven by my significant other, so the accessibility of the EV share program is hugely advantageous with my errands."

WhipEV User


Download the WhipEV app via the Google or Apple app store.


A building code will be provided in your resident Welcome Packet. Enter the building code to add the location in the app or email proof of residency to


The Teslas will be located at on-site in your building's garage.

How It Works


Use the WhipEV app to book, unlock and activate the Tesla from your phone - no keycards are needed.

How much does it cost?

Rates range from $19.50 - $25 per hour ($0.33 - $0.42 per minute) depending on your property location. Some properties offer daily rates as well. Inquire with our support team if you're curious about yours. Hourly rates include all charging, maintenance, and insurance costs (for users 25+). You do not have to pay for anything else.  You are only charged for the time you have the car, down to the minute. Some properties also offer monthly subscription packages to get an even lower rate. Inquire at to see if monthly packages are available at your location if you are interested.

Are the Teslas self-driving?

Our Teslas have many automated safety features, but fully automated driving is not a feature our cars currently have. We ask that users engage their driving experience proactively to provide the safest and most fun car share trip.

How much mileage is included?

Reservations include up to 200 miles of driving per 24-hour period, and you’re only charged for the time you drive. Mileage driven above 200 miles will incur a $0.45-$0.58/mile surcharge plus applicable taxes. The surcharge rate depends on your home branch. Inquire at if you would like to know what rate is applicable at your branch.

Will the cars be available when I want?

The shared Teslas in your building have great availability! If you are able to book your trip at least 1 day in advance, you are almost guaranteed the time you want in the car.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept prepaid cards.


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