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New plan: $68 a month, includes 4 hrs at $17/hr, and $0.23/min or $14/hr on any additional time.  


Rates without plan:$0.33/min or $19.50/hr

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Your Tesla Amenity Just Got More Affordable


Lower your costs
not your standards

Drive a Tesla without paying for the 98% of the time it seats in the garage. 

EVs make our cars more efficient.  Shared EVs make our cities more sustainable.

Rent a Tesla 
in our garage 

pay by the minute 

  • Sign up in under 2 minutes

  • $15 application fee, get $50 in driving credits, no other fees

  • Look for the blue TeslaShare reserved parking

Your EV Amenity

Many ways to get answers

Book a private session, get a demo at your building, call or email us. 

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